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Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? One you couldn't seem to get out of? One that began to consume everything and spill into every area of your life? A relationship that causes you so much pain and shame that you hid it from people? That’s what eczema has been like for me.


I’ve struggled largely in silence for most of my life. It was too personal and too private for me to talk about. I was so insecure about the rashes on my legs that I didn’t wear shorts or skirts outside until my junior year of high school. It is still rare that you’ll see my arms or legs in public. I tried going the conventional route and I used all the prescriptions I was given by my doctors. I’ve been on topical steroids for nearly 30 years. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I realized I was using these steroids relentlessly without actually seeing any improvements. So, I finally decided to stop using them.


I wish I knew what was about to happen. My skin took a horrifying turn. My skin was red, broken, swollen, and itchier than I’ve ever experienced. I scratched until I bled. Clothes hurt to put on. Everything burned. No place felt good or safe, except the shower, and only after about 10 minutes of excruciating burning did I feel some relief. But even that relief wouldn’t last. This was the beginning of TSW (topical steroid withdrawal). My body had been so accustomed to steroids it didn’t know how to function properly without them. I became hypersensitive to seemingly everything. Too much to identify or eliminate. Despite all of this, all my doctor wanted to prescribe was MORE steroids. It is still hard to believe. So, I finally came to understand that there was no one coming to save me.


Luckily, I had already started doing the work to find holistic management methods for my children who also have eczema. I had learned so much to avoid ever using steroids on them, not realizing I deserved better too. I’ve worked so hard to heal and to create a holistic lifestyle and I’m ready to share what I’ve learned. I’ve learned so many different ways to reduce inflammation and minimize flare-ups by identifying triggers. I’ve spent years figuring out the best ways to raise children with eczema and how to be proactive about my own health. I wish this was a quick fix, but it requires a lot of time and attention to reach the root.


Since eczema can be a lifelong journey, support is an invaluable asset. I would love to guide and support others like myself who are either going through a healing journey with eczema or supporting someone who is. I've created a community of people, affected by eczema, looking for holistic management methods, comradery, and understanding amongst people who get it. 

This community will include the following:


Every month there will be a book for suggested reading. These books will be helpful resources to educate and inform you on some of the best ways through this eczema journey. 


 We are a community of people dedicated to uplifting each other and supporting each other through this healing journey. 

Guest Speakers

As often as possible, there will be guest speaks who will lead workshops educating us on helpful management methods for eczema. 

Topic Of Focus

Each month will have a different topic of focus dedicated to increasing knowledge and awareness and decreasing inflammation and rashes.

Meditative Practices

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and inflammation. I will be introducing different modalities that can help reduce the stress associated with eczema. 


Every month there will be eczema-friendly recipes. They can be food recipes or DIY recipes. More complicated Recipes will be demonstrated in a live call, allowing you to follow along and ask questions.