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Harvest Moon

Pisces Full Moon September 10, 2022

Full moons are that shower you take that informs you of all the places you have broken skin. That sting you feel brings your attention to all the spots that need TLC. The full moon illuminates all the areas in your life that you either ignored or haven't put enough energy towards to inspire your growth. Each full moon varies from the last. The energy of the full moon is a combination of the zodiac sign the moon is positioned in, the zodiac sign of the current sun season, and the positions of the planets. The combination of these energies is a unique recipe formulated for your betterment.

Pisces is the 12th and final zodiac sign. It is a water sign and represented by two fish. As the culmination of all the signs, it is the most spiritual and connected of all the signs. Piscean energy is wise, sensitive and dreamy. As we enter into this lunation, you may feel a little more sensitive to the energies around you. You may need some additional grounding to help fortify yourself.

While the moon sits in Pisces, the sun sits in Virgo. Virgo, an earth sign, is the sister sign to Pisces. Just like most sisters, they share a lot in common, but still maintain their own identities. These sisters are feminine healers dedicated to service and to uplifting the collective. they are both also highly intuitive, so if you notice an uptick in your higher perception you have these two energies to thank. Taking time for yourselfcan create a powerful space for growth. Decompress, find your center, in the way that suits you best, and you'll be able to tap into more cues to direct your path. By giving yourself the time and space to find your equilibrium, it'll be more difficult to knock you off kilter. Allow yourself the time to check in yourself to identify how you're feeling and why. What type of reaction are you leaning towards? Is it healthy? Is this a pattern of behavior? Where did you learn it? Has it been effective for you? By taking the time to answer these questions you can work towards changing the answers you don't like. As the final zodiac sign, Pisces is all about growth and maturity. Take time to dream up the vision of your dreamlife and work towards embodying that version of yourself that manifested it.

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