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how syzygy is affecting you

Scorpio Partial Solar Eclipse

Have you ever heard the term syzygy? It is the alignment of 3 celestial bodies. This is what occurs during an eclipse. The moon travels in between the earth and the sun, obscuring our view and causing a few minutes of darkness. Aside from being a sight to see, it can have some energetic effects. It has been incredibly difficult for me to write this. If you know anything about what's happening in the sky it would be no wonder. If not, I'll explain. We are entering into a highly intense period of transformation and change. You may or may not be feeling its effects, I for sure have. We just entered Scorpio season, which is amplified by this supercharged eclipse season. There is an energetic trifecta at work right now and each part is working to amplify the other. A solar eclipse during the Scorpio new moon is a recipe for major life changes.

New Moon

As you may know, new moons are the beginning of a lunar cycle, it has the lowest energy and is best suited for going inward, reflecting, and setting intentions for the future. My favorite analogy for the new moon is to compare them to the new year. With each new moon, you can set a new year's resolution aka set intentions and hope for a fresh start, using what lessons you learned to make better life choices. If a regular new moon is like the new year, then this partial solar eclipse is the equivalent of Y2k. I remember being a kid and not knowing what the world would look like come January 1st. This supercharged new moon is an opportunity to step into a new world of your own creation (for better or for worse). You can feel the effects and work with any new moon energy for 3 days prior to and 3 days after the new moon.

Eclipse Season

Eclipses are supercharged lunations. You may experience some changes walking into, or coming out of this season. These changes may be a continuation of shifts that began 6 months ago during the previous Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses are revealing periods that may inform your journey. On the other hand, solar eclipses (like the one we're experiencing) are amplified periods of change. Since this is a Solar Eclipse, I will focus on that. During this eclipse season, you may be closing a loop, or ending a cycle. Eclipses have this combined energy of both the new moon and full moon (whose energy is best suited for releasing). You can take the time to reflect on what you've been doing, what you'd like to do, and what you like to stop doing. You can find inspiration and forgive. You can use this incredible energy to reassess and reset. Eclipse season ends November 27th.

Scorpio Season

The next amplifier in this incredible energetic trifecta is Scorpio, a water sign, represented by a scorpion. To some, Scorpios are a scary sign. Most people know them for their drive for retribution, intensity, and overall fearsomeness, but there's so much more to Scorpios and their season. Let's take a moment to look at the scorpion, Scorpio’s symbol. Most people would prefer not to engage with a scorpion (me included), but I’ve been thinking about this. Scorpions are incredibly resilient. They can not only survive but thrive in incredibly harsh conditions like deserts; the zodiac sign is no different. It is a sign of transformation, growth, and progress. It's no wonder this sign takes place during autumn. Sometimes we need to make changes in order to transition into the next season of life. Scorpio season ends November 22.

This season may be a lot to handle. It may be emotionally overwhelming, spiritually draining, and difficult to process and this can be whether you deem your changes good, bad, or in between. Take this opportunity to be gentle with yourself, practice self-care, and find the best ways to ground yourself.

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