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the full moon, boundaries, and balance

Just like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date" with the full moon. But never fear, there's still time. Full moon energy lasts nearly a full week. You can feel the full moon energy on the day of the full moon and the 3 days before and after. So we still have time to identify what's happening, how to manage it, and what needs releasing.

This full moon takes place in the fire sign of Aries. It's also known as the hunter's full moon. Aries is the sign of the warrior and the first sign of the zodiac. The fiery Aries energy is always action-oriented and motivated, which makes it a great way to start the zodiac calendar but also puts us in a great space to power through the end of 2022. Right now you may be seeing the manifestation of seeds planted 6 months ago during Aries season, or more recently during a new moon. Now, a gentle reminder, this may be both things you willingly and unwittingly manifested. We live in a constant state of manifestation; the more you focus on something the more you welcome it in. So this is a reminder to practice mindfulness and be aware of the energy you're sowing because at some point it will be reaped. If you're currently out of alignment you may be feeling frustration, anger, depression, and restlessness. This is your inner compass pointing you in the direction of alignment. I believe everything works toward your growth and development, even negative emotions like jealousy, anger, regret, etc. Sometimes the only way we know there's something wrong inside our body is when we feel pain. The discomfort motivates us to investigate and act. If you were to take the time and observe your negative emotions you may find your way to something critical that you've been avoiding. Observe, investigate and heal.

One powerful way to initiate healing is through forgiveness. Every full moon is a time of release and forgiveness, although you never have to wait for the moon to start. If this current energy is bringing up some negative energies this may be the best time to practice giving yourself grace and forgiving yourself and those around you.

Note on forgiveness: there may be someone who needs forgiveness but you may not be ready to release yet. Allow the process to take as long as it takes. It's not always immediate but you can set the intention to forgive someone and allow the energy to work its way to and through you.

It may also be a time to refocus on boundaries and see where there is room for maintenance and/or fortification. Boundary setting can be a major asset to creating and sustaining healthy relationships. There's another clip (that I cannot find) somewhere in the interwebs of Brene Brown discussing that boundaries are not something someone else can honor or violate. Boundaries are safeguards you put in place for yourself. Boundaries are a set of actions you take; it is not something you hope someone else will do or respect. When it comes to boundaries, you have to remember that you cannot control anyone but yourself. To place a boundary in the hands of someone else is futile. You can however take responsibility for yourself and your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by creating real boundaries. For example, if there is someone who does not respect space boundaries and consistently shows up unannounced despite repeated conversations, stop opening the door. You create your boundary and do not allow space for it to be disrespected. Boundaries are tough but the combined energies of this full moon can guide you through this process.

While the moon sits in Aries, the sun sits in Libra, the thoughtful and patient air sign. These sister signs embody the opposing energies of feminine and masculine. Aries' energy is masculine in its direct and action-oriented nature whereas libra is more feminine, passive, and receptive. Find a balance between these energies and identify where you're using these energies and if it's effective, you may need to switch tactics and try the opposite approach. As a parent, I've comes to realize that it's super important to be flexible in my approach. I can't always be tender and I can't always be a tough disciplinarian. I have to read the room and identify which energy will be the most productive. Some temper tantrums require a firm hand and voice and others call for a cuddle. Take the time during this full moon, to read all the rooms in your life.

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