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Since skin is the largest organ of the body, it requires more love and attention and its my goal to help you show your skin some TLC.

I founded Love Energy Nature with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, bath and body products made without synthetic ingredients. Due to my own battle with eczema, I struggled to find products made without irritating ingredients. When I could find non-irritating products they were high priced and ladled with hard to pronounce ingredients. This caused me to begin educating myself on ingredients and eventually formulating my own products.

Unfortunately, eczema like many other skin conditions cannot be treated topically exclusively. There are many underlying issues that should be addressed in order to sustain healing. After my life long struggles and raising children with eczema I've come to realize there is a gap in western medical care model. I'm now dedicating LEN to bridging that gap for families affected by eczema.

I support families through my educational workshops, gentle skincare products, as well as my online membership called Healthy Habits for Eczema. I know that knowledge is power, and through my workshops, I hope to empower families to make healthier choices to create healthier bodies. When it comes to make healthier choices, skincare is a great place to start because I believe skincare is self-care. Through LEN, I strive to end the cycle of poor skincare by feeding our bodies from the outside in by creating products you can pamper yourself with and feel good about. You can also feel good about finding your tribe in Healthy Habits for Eczema. Eczema can be a lonely road, but now you can continue on your healing journey supported by people going through similar issues. 


 For more information on this membership or to join click the bottom below. 

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