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3 ways to find balancing harmony in relationships

As the full moon illuminates the night sky, it is a time to reflect on the balance and harmony in our lives. The full moon is in Libra, while the sun is in Aries and this highlights the importance of relationships and finding harmony within them. Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, and relationships, and the full moon in this sign can bring these themes to the forefront of our lives. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and this full moon encourages us to bring more love and harmony into our relationships. We may feel a heightened sense of compassion and empathy for others, which can lead to greater understanding and cooperation. This is a time to examine our relationships and assess whether they are in balance and serving our highest good.

Here are the 3 ways to find more balancing harmony in your relationships:

1, Create and honor boundaries

One easy way for disharmony to arise is through poor boundary setting. This link is to a clip of a podcast episode. In this clip, the podcast host discussed the connection between boundaries and consequences. A boundary is not something for someone else to respect. You must respect your own boundary. It is a rule that you create and enforce to protect yourself. It should not be an option to cross. You are responsible for your own wellness. Just like it is your responsibility to feed yourself, it is equally your responsibility to protect yourself from harm, this includes unnecessary energy draining.

Your first challenge is to find the time and space to identify what each relationship would look like in a limitless and perfect world of your own creation. When you've crafted that idea question if it's actually limitless and perfect. Did you create something realistic.? Did you limit it? Does it feel expansive? Can you make it better? Once you've crafted the best version possible, see how you can start making shifts to get closer to that perfect version. What, if anything, has become non-negotiable? Then create a boundary to separate your preferences from your boundaries (aka non-negotiables).

2. Identify how you're showing up in relationships

The Libra full moon can highlight areas of imbalance and disharmony in our relationships. It may be a time when conflicts come to the surface, and we are forced to confront issues that have been bubbling beneath the surface. If you find yourself in conflict with someone during this time, it is important to approach the situation with a spirit of cooperation and understanding. Resist the urge to focus solely on your experience with the other person. Rather than focusing on blame or resentment, try to find common ground and work together to find a solution. Stop to identify how you've been showing up first. See if you can place yourself in their shoes and understand their responses. Have you fully communicated your truth? Have you been supportive and attentive? I know I can have a one-track mind and I can be oblivious to the fact that I am neglecting my loved ones. Their response may be shocking and feel uncalled for until I take the time to understand their experience.

3. Self-care and self-love

The Libra full moon is also a time to examine our own inner balance. Are we taking care of ourselves and our own needs, or are we constantly putting others first? It is important to find a balance between our own needs and the needs of those around us. Have you ever tried to clean with something dirty? Let me tell you, it's ineffective. It is the same as trying to create harmony in a relationship when you have no harmony within yourself. In order to create and sustain harmony there must first exist honesty, primarily within yourself. Find time and space to get some inner understanding which can lead to peace. Once you have peace you can share it.

To make the most of the Libra full moon energy, take time to meditate, reflect, and journal. Ask yourself what areas of your life are out of balance, and what steps you can take to bring more harmony and peace into your relationships. You may also want to spend time in nature, as the energy of the full moon can be amplified by being in natural surroundings. Use this time to connect with the earth and tap into your intuition and inner wisdom.

The Libra full moon is a powerful time for examining our relationships and finding balance and harmony within them. By creating boundaries, approaching conflicts with compassion and understanding, and taking time to reflect on our own needs, we can make the most of this energy and bring greater peace and harmony into our lives.

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