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The Birth of Love Energy Nature

So, picture the best thing you've ever done. Hold that picture in your mind. Feel that indescribable awe. Remember being thoroughly impressed with yourself. That was the feeling I had when I gave birth. I looked down at this beautiful and perfect little face, that looked so familiar and unrecognizable at the same time. Fast forward 6 weeks to splotchy patches on her stomach and watching my baby, fresh into the world, scratching herself. I knew it in my bones that I was responsible for passing on the genes that made my perfect little girl suffer. When you watch a newborn struggle or suffer it hurts, especially when you blame yourself. The worst part was the smell. To this day I cannot describe it but I would recognize it anywhere. After years of scratching raw, irritated and broken skin, alongside my brother (who's also suffered with eczema) I could recognize that smell anywhere. I felt like a crazy person. I tried to explain that I knew it was eczema because of the smell. Everyone tried to soothe my worries by telling my its "baby eczema" and she'd outgrow it even if I hadn't. But years passed and it only worsened.

Now I should preface that by saying that I have SUFFERED with eczema for my entire life, I pride myself on being a soldier and working through the pain and discomfort but eczema is my Achilles. I was at work when my contractions started and stayed for my entire shirt. However, I have definitely left work or called in sick due to eczema outbreaks. I've tried almost every treatment. I've done oral, injected and topical steroids, phototherapy, detoxes, diets and immuno-suppressants. Some worked better than others but ultimately, I still struggle. That being said, if you're anything like me, a personal struggle is a part of life, but the same struggle in a loved one is a call to action.

So naturally I sought out to cure eczema for once and for all!

Then I realized that would take some time and we needed some immediate relief. For those of you who don't know eczema usually presents as a trifecta of dis-ease and discomfort in the form of eczema/asthma/allergies. So, my daughter and I have many allergies. I realized with all of our combined allergies I had to be EXTREMELY selective with the products we used. Despite reading ingredient labels thoroughly I still felt as if we were in constant contact with a major allergen because both of our bodies were quickly becoming swallowed by eczema --

I want to take a moment to clarify. Sometimes I'll mention that I have eczema and someone will respond "Oh yea me too!" Then upon further discussion they explain they get REALLY dry elbows and heels during the winter.

My eczema is severe. It will cover me from my scalp to the bottom of my feet (Literally) if left unchecked). It will not only have me scratching like a crackhead (no offense to any crack addicts) until I’m bloody, but it also will have me shed seemingly entire layers of skin as if I were some human-snake hybrid. It not only affects me physically but it also has a major impact on my emotional and mental state. I am typically a bubbly ray of sunshine, but when my flare ups get really bad it will send me spiraling into a state of depression.

I started googling ingredients and boy would you be surprised the ingredients we slather onto our bodies. I gave up on conventional methods. My mother used to make us creams and lotions for us so I figured why not give it a shot. And thus, a business was born. Well not quite. All of this also coincided with a crystal journey but that is a topic for another day.

On second thought, here's a piece of the story:

A few years back, my older brother had mentioned that he started making jewelry with crystals. I knew nothing about either so I never really paid it any attention despite him asking me repeatedly to join him on this journey down the crystal rabbit hole. I’m not sure what made me decide to start but it started a full-on obsession. I found myself consumed with them. I would dream about them and forget it eat (which if you knew me you would know is unheard of). I spent hours in the same spot without moving beading, wrapping and of course READING. I was so shocked to learn that each of those precious and semi-precious rocks has metaphysical properties (measurable and acknowledged by science) similar to entire personalities. They were these magical mysteries that I wanted to learn everything about. So, I obsessively hoarded or purchased (depending on whom you ask) crystals and crystal books. One book in particular changed the game. It’s a small book by Adam’s Media titled “The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs and New Age Elements”. Three parts of the book covered crystals, herbs, and essential oils. This is where I stumbled upon the plant magic that is essential oils! Talk about plant power. I felt like Alice who had fallen into wonderland. How had all these magical nature powers been hidden from me all my life? Why hadn't I known all this information before? Once my brother realized he finally dragged be to the metaphysical hippy-dippy-do-da side, he pitched me: We should start a business. We quickly brain stormed names. It was my idea to use the 3 letters in our name we shared in common. L E N. Then the question became what would it stand for? We both blurted out at the same time:

him: 'light energy nature"

me: "love energy nature"

we were so close to being on the same page but who would back down? We stared at each other. Then he said, like the wise man he is: "light is love, so love energy nature". And just like that we had a name.

So, I started with carrier oils that I had in my cupboard which included olive, coconut, and avocado. These, as I quickly found out, were not thick enough to moisturize our ravaged skin. Then I upgraded to plant butters like Shea, Mango and Cocoa. Then I started blending them. I painstakingly read up on these oils as if they were some foreign things that I didn't use for cooking on a daily/weekly basis. I knew that natural oils were safe because they didn't have side effects but again, I had no idea the depth of the additional properties. Some oils had some incredible properties like being healing, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and of course moisturizing. Some oils can pull in moisture from the air to moisturize your skin. Others could repair and lighten scars. They were all rich in vitamins and minerals and little did I know I had top quality oils because they were food grade. So, every time we had a new rash, I would assess it like a junior scientist, consult my books and homemade notes and charts and formulate a product. Since I had just learned about the plant magic also known as essential oils, I began using specific essential oils in my blends depending on the current need or rash location. Now a passion was brewing. I found a way to marry my inner nerd and artist. Once I realized it actually worked to provide relief and often times healing, I was hungry for more. I started researching or googling (depending on whom you ask) what else I could do with these ingredients in my cupboard. I started making lip balms then came soap. For me, soap is like the boyfriend or girlfriend who came into your life like a whirlwind. There you were out having fun, living your best life and true love and passion walks right up to you and says hello. I read about soap making and watched countless hours of soap making videos before I dared try. Once I began making and then using the soap we saw a dramatic change in our skin and for the better. I intuitively realized that any benefits we gained with the topical treatment I made were being chemically stripped away with these commercial detergents. The harsh chemicals used to “clean” were doing more harm than good. By making true soap, with beneficial properties I was not only giving my skin a break from additional damage, I was fortifying it with vitamins and minerals. True soap cleanses without stripping so after every bath or shower you’re not starting over. Our skin felt softer, nourished and moisturized even before we moisturized. And there my love affair with soap began. But more than that, it sparked a dream. I started to dream of the day when I would have a recipe to replace everything in my medicine cabinet with homemade all-natural alternatives. So, I quickly realized I had a problem. I was making more soap than my little family of four could use (and I had no intention of stopping). So just like every other time I'm at a loss and in need for help, I do what any self-respecting grown woman would do. I called my daddy. He came and picky up a bag of soap and tried it for the first time. I had to have given him 10-20 bars of soap. Somehow within a few days he called me and told me he needed more. But how? He said he tried it and loved it and then spread the love. He gave it to all his friends and some family and not only did he need more but they wanted more too. He quickly let me know I had a business on my hands. He let me know I needed packaging and a website where they could find me so they would always have to go through him. Bottom line my family is amazing.

Now I know there are many skincare companies and I am neither the first nor the only but my experience has brought a different level of commitment. I have an experience driven commitment to provide the same products that have and will continue to bring my family healing and relief. My drive comes from knowing the suffering that afflicted skin can cause for both the one experiencing it and the people forced to watch. It was my family to pushed me to make my products available for others to use that motivated me to start this business and I was surprised how necessary it is. So many of my customers have explained their trouble finding products with trustworthy ingredients. When I made these products, I didn’t realize the reach it could have. I simple-mindedly only thought about eczema and psoriasis sufferers and then customers with every skin type told me the benefits they experienced using my products. While I knew this was likely to happen (because I am a nerd and I extensively research the properties and benefits of all my ingredients) but I don't make claims nor guarantees. I was reminded of that same indescribable feeling of being impressed with myself. I think it’s called pride. I am proud of my products and being able to channel the amazing natural benefits into products for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin, can use.

Do your skin a favor and try my products today.

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Because all you need is a little

Love Energy Nature

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