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The time I almost got arrested...

Aquarius Season:- January 20- February 18

My dad is an Aquarius, so anytime I hear Aquarius I think of him. He is a troublemaker, always has been and if we're lucky, he always will be. I say lucky because troublemakers challenge you, they force you to focus, refocus and pivot. They force you to pay attention, and that awareness is powerful. When an area of your life is neglected, you could miss the opportunity to make shifts that can benefit your life.

This is an excerpt from my last Aquarius post:

[The symbol for Aquarius is] the water bearer, which represents society, humanity, and the status quo. They embody the "this is how things are done" type of energy. BUT, Aquarius can also take this energy and rebel against that. Think of the stereotypical preacher's daughter. On the one hand, she's supposed to be the pinnacle of structure and disciple, a goody two-shoe rule follower. Still, if you know any Aquarius you'll likely find them to be rule-breaking innovative thinkers who take how things are done and turn them on their heads, usually for the better. They build it and then have a knack for finding the chink in the armor and exploiting it in the name of progress.

I believe it is every sign's job to bring you closer to the most authentic version of yourself. Aquarius does this by challenging old patterns. During this energy, you can challenge any outdated narratives that no longer serve you. Sometimes we get stuck on autopilot, continuing with the same patterns that we or someone else created. I am constantly asking myself why I am choosing to do or not to do something. Sometimes I open up the conversation with loved ones and I'm always so alarmed at how much of our life we don't question. I hear "that's how my parents did it" or "that's how I learned it" or even better "I don't know" when asked why they've made certain choices. If you continue to follow rather than lead your own path, you will never live authentically. This season creates the time and space to be more aware of your daily choices. Identify how much of these choices are truly yours and if you realize they are not, begin exploring how they can become yours, No part of your life should be free from scrutiny. Ask yourself: in a perfect and unlimited world, what would this look like? What would it look like if I was free from judgment? How can I change this to bring more joy?

While you're separating the conditioned identity from your core identity, it might be helpful to identify what issues are affecting you subconsciously. I think of my subconscious mind as one of my dad's old trucks. I remember using this old truck to run an errand one night and I quickly learned why alignments are important. As I drove the truck I kept veering to the left, towards the opposing traffic. I would turn to the right and then almost immediately end up drifting left. At that time, I was a new driver and was horrified, which only amplified once I saw the police lights behind me. I was pulled over because the officer thought I was a drunk driver. He asked if I had been drinking and when it was clear I had not, he asked if I was experiencing a medical emergency. I can only imagine how I looked from the outside. Luckily I got off with a warning, Our subconscious minds are like that truck. Even if we are consciously trying to go straight, our lack of alignment can cause us to veer off track. If you're not mindful of this you can end up in a different place than you intended. Trauma can cause your subconscious mind to drive you away from your goals in an effort to protect you, but you can resolve this by identifying what emotions have not been fully processed. Unprocessed emotions are like undigested food sitting in your belly. It becomes an additional weight that you carry around with you, and can eventually affect your health. You can begin to treat these unprocessed emotions once you diagnose or name them. Unfortunately, most people recycle their words like laundry, falling into the habit of reusing what's become comfortable. However, we have a wide range of feelings that we experience with varying intensity. If you need to remind yourself of different emotions use this feelings wheel. Name the dragon, then you can slay it.

New moon: January 21

New moons are the start of the lunar cycle, as such carries the energy of new beginnings. The energy is at its lowest and so is the light. During the darkness of the new moon, you can go inward and begin planning. This lunation your focus should be on your true identity. Ask yourself: who you are when everything is stripped away? Are you currently measuring up to that person? What intentions can help you step into that version of yourself? What would you like to manifest during this moon cycle? What do you want to manifest in the next 6 months by the Aquarius full moon? What about the next Aquarius new moon in 2024?

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