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Leo New Moon July 28th, 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

New moons are a low-energy part of the lunar cycle best suited for going inward, assessing the situation, and setting an intention. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, it’s still a helpful routine to adapt. Honestly, what could it hurt?

This New moon is in Leo, whose energy resonates with vitality and firey joy. To tap into that joy, Leo encourages you to travel back to your true self and reconnect by accepting all parts of who you are. Living authentically requires that we have the courage to be(come) unapologetically you. Remind yourself of who you are eternally, then identify the ways you've allowed yourself to stray from that person and muster the courage to embody it. Much like the weather, Leo season is the time to step out into the light and bask in our own glory. There are times when we can let the opinions of others or, our own low opinions of ourselves step in the way of us being the brightest version of ourselves. I've wanted to start a new and full moon series of blog posts since last year, but I've allowed my fears and anxieties to keep me in my comfort zone and limit my personal and professional growth. I'm using the energy of this Leo season and the New moon as an energetic reset to shift my patterns.

I've taken the time to notice my energy level and go back to the things that replenish it. I"ve found myself so busy and distracted that I haven't been paying attention to the things that restore my internal flames. Life as an entrepreneur and single parent can get hectic, and even though I make it a point to attend to my basic needs (boldly calling daily meals and showers self-care), I've allowed my passions to be neglected. Because of this neglect, my energy, drive, focus, and overall light have suffered. So this week I asked

myself what do I love that I've neglected? My answer is my plants, garden, and jewelry making. So I walked out into my garden, pruned, weeded, and I harvested what I could. Then I moved on to jewelry making. I took a second to reminisce and I pulled out my second-ever wire wrapping project that I made 4 years ago. I admired it in its imperfection. I realized that I only wore these gorgeous Tree of Life hoop earrings once, because I was afraid someone would notice that 1 or 2 of my branches broke off, leaving some gaps! Then for the first time in years, I sat down uninterrupted and I wrapped crystals. I sat and allowed my creativity to take hold. I allowed my hands to be the instruments of my heart. It was more recharging than I anticipated. I realized at that moment that, holding myself back from the things that bring me joy is like holding in pee when there's a nearby bathroom: it's more work than it's worth.

One of my favorite mentors, Cathy Heller, recounts a story told to her about Martin Luther King Jr. and his famous "I have a dream" speech. Apparently despite rehearsing this speech for the weeks and days prior, once he began this famous speech he spoke from his heart. According to her source, the famous "I have a dream" portion was not a part of his written plan. He trusted himself to stand up in front of thousands of people and reveal his innermost thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It's hard to imagine the effect of not saying those words. I wonder how many of us stick to the script instead of saying the words or doing the things that can change the game for ourselves and countless others. This Leo season and new moon, I encourage you to step forward, into your own light and shine.

PS. In an effort to live in more alignment professionally I've decided to go back to my commitment to mother earth and discontinue my body washes. My business arose out of the realization that mother earth has everything I needed to improve and heal my body and life. So when I turn and look at my body wash in their plastic bottles, I realized how in my desire to create more products for my customers I made a decision that lacked integrity. So while supplies last my body washes will be on sale for $5 each.

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