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full moons, what it is and why you should care

Aquarius Full Moon August 11, 2022

To most people full moons are the calling card to all the crazies. People pull out all the stops on full moons, seemingly waiting for the opportunity to excuse inexcusable behavior. Any law enforcement official can tell you that there is a surge in crime on or around the full moon. This is because the full moon is an amplifier. The moon sits directly across from the sun reflecting its light and illuminating a dark night, bringing our attention to things we may have overlooked. It is the peak of energy in the lunar cycle. If you use the new moon to set and intention, the full moon is usually around the time to see if any subsequent action has born fruit. In simpler times without electricity, the darkness of the new moon created a space of reflection. One would stay indoors, contemplate and make plans. On the other hand, during the brightness of the full moon, (in response to all of the actions taken inspired by the contemplation and intentions set on the new moon) one is able to see all the progress made aka manifestations. The second equally important point of focus during the full moon, is forgiveness and release. In the light of the night, you can see what worked well and what didn't. Acknowledge the progress but also the missteps and lessons that needed to be learned. Then release attachment. I have a tendency to make a story around failure. "I was stupid to have done X or not to have seen Y." I make generalized statements about myself based on actions taken before I knew what the outcome would be. OBVIOUSLY I didn't know. How could I? I had never done that before. At the full moon, take the opportunity to see the progress you've made, show appreciation for the big and the small lessons learned and forgive yourself, others and circumstances. Then just like Elsa "LET IT GO"!

This full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, an air sign and the sister sign of Leo (our current sun season). So we are currently working within the energies of both Aquarius and Leo. First lets focus on Aquarius: the water bearer represents society, humanity and the status quo, the "this is how things are done" type of energy. BUT, Aquarius can also take this energy and rebel against that. Think stereotypical preachers daughter. On the one hand its supposed to be the pinnacle of structure and disciple, a goody two shoe rule follower, but if you know any Aquarius you'll likely find them to be rule breaking innovative thinkers who take how things are done and turn them on their heads, usually for the better. They build it and then have a knack for finding the chink in the armor and exploiting it in the name of progress. Now we're also in Leo season (for more information refer to my previous post on this Leo season). Leo, a fire sign, asks us to stand in our own individual power, and be comfortable taking up space living life in a way that honors who you are eternally. If we combine the energy of Leo and Aquarius we are in a space of loving, honoring and celebrating our own unique identity and that of others. When we create a space that allows each individual the space to be themselves unapologetically, the collective vibrations raises. During this time we may find ourselves noticing we're currently dissatisfied with how things are currently going and navigating new and innovative ways to make a change for the better. You may have noticed ways you've compromised on goals or values and your current circumstances no longer reflect your highest good. Take time to reflect, and acknowledge healthy ways to shift things. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Take the time to get to the root of any tension you're currently feeling. As an amplifier, the moon may be bringing attention to things that were bothering you just under the surface. It reminds me of all those times I didn't realize I had a scratch until you got in the shower (or some other way more painful liquid hit broken skin). Figure out what can be shed, release it and forgive. Take a moment to breath deeply and trust the process.

On a daily basis I make writing a priority. I find its a great way to process, keep track of pattern in my life and it doubles as a judgment free zone where I can vent and express myself completely. Because I'm an avid journaler, here are some journal prompts:

  • What does your ideal life look like (don't think or dream small- we're talking genie in a bottle, unlimited wishes, wildest dreams and hot pink elephants)?

  • Where are you feeling the most tension in your life? Where in your life are you resisting making changes?

  • What changes, big or small, can you make to more towards a more fulfilling life?

  • What societal norms have you been forcing yourself into that no longer feel in alignment?

  • What contributions are you currently making to the collective? Does that feel sufficient? Are you leading by example?

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